Here you can find a overview of all our products.

Air Casters

Air Caster: Type P

The P-type are the low pressure air casters that have a membrane made out of Polyurethane material.

Air Caster: Type B

The B-type are the higher-pressure air casters that have a membrane made out of Neoprene.

Air Caster: Type NC

The NC-Type, also called Gapmasters, have multiple smaller holes to divide the air outlet over a bigger surface.

Modular packages

Modular Air Caster System

The modular air caster system consists of air casters.

Embedded Air Caster System

These systems are mainly chosen for frequent usage in production processes.

Customized solutions

Air Caster Transport Platforms

Air caster vehicles can replace expensive cranes, roller conveyors and forklifts.

Air Caster Roll Transporters

The internal movement of rolls is usually both cumbersome and labour-intensive.

Air/Water Caster Turntables

This is a system that uses air casters or water casters to rotate heavy objects.

Air Caster Mobile Cranes

When loads need to be lifted up high or to be stacked onto each other air caster mobile cranes are the ideal solution.

Air Caster Beams

Air caster beams are rectangular shaped transport devices that contain a minimum of two air casters.

Lift cushions

Lift Cushion: AS-Type

The AS-type is a lift cushion made from round rubber tubing material.

Lift Cushion: HD-Type

The HD-Type is a square shaped lift cushion that is mainly used to temporarily lift heavy objects

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